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    Default Getting PvE kills was removed again?!

    Logged on this morning to find out that you cant any Pve Kills anymore except for the latest map...
    This was a feature that made people actually play old maps again and that amde farming for Vanitys rewardable.

    Many people (including me) are mad that this was removed again.

    We DONT want XP everywhere but we want to achieve kills everywhere.
    Now everyone just stands around in base again like it was before.

    Even the new drop system was perfect. When Cinco entered the Base right after the guild event started he said that the new Drop system and PvE kill mechanic was permanent.
    It was perfect. Old players after years felt the need to play PvE again because you actually get something for it.

    Just bring this feature back. New drop mechanics+PvE mechanics are a good way to spend the time in SL while waiting for new stuff.


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    It's exclusive to a new level-cap. Let's take a poll!
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