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    I'm pretty sure people make up their own minds, the devs are people. Things are being brought up, and I'm guessing they strip it down right away to make an objective decision. No few people have an ability to control what is implemneted in this game just cause their points make sense at some degree or level.this is all opinion ofc but hard to deny it makes sense.

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    I don’t understand why we can’t just lay differing opinions and drama aside :/ but hey, if we continue the devs will lock this thread. That also means they’ll read it

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    Quote Originally Posted by PsychoNuke View Post
    I guess you misunderstand my post. To elaborate: I wasn't implying that devs make decision based on the count of +/-1 (polls are forbidden on forums anyway). What I meant was repetitive rants and quoting others to prove one's point is useless, increasing the count of such posts only shadows the constructive feedbacks. Devs have made this clear many times, for example:

    Attachment 168588
    Mind that my post was big but he chose to quote a specific para out of it.

    The fact of the matter is people who are on forums plays a very big role (I mean to the extent that goblin event lb reward was created by forum members), but they do not speak for the rest of the players in the game who are not on forums. No one should take ownership of the community and put their own opinion as community's opinion. We should not speculate what players who are not here think about something, we should only put our opinion forward.

    PS: I will make this post my last on this thread. Because I believe if people continue to quote me after this post then either they don't understand my perspective or they are trying to get some fight out of me, and I shall skip that to enjoy my weekend . Good day all.
    Oh I finally see your point.

    I will try and keep my opinions to be more specific to me and not speculate or assume the community what’s what I want. I was just biased toward my own point haha but I guess that just human nature.

    My apologies!
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    The drama burns intensely.
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