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    Quote Originally Posted by doomdoomdoom View Post
    Given that the event is lasting longer than expected and players are now spending 3 sleepless nights instead of the originally expected 2 (maybe even 4 if you don't see this til Monday). I really favor the idea of extending the rewards to the top 5 guilds as someone else suggested above.

    Original Rewards when contest was announced were:
    1st place: gold swimsuit, blue gamer, access to discount vendor
    2nd place: black swimsuit, access to discount vendor

    My suggested Updated Rewards are:
    1st place: gold swimsuit, black swimsuit, blue gamer, access to discount vendor
    2nd place: black swimsuit, blue gamer, access to discount vendor
    3rd place: black swimsuit and access to discount vendor
    4th & 5th: access to discount vendor
    New suggestion made about top 5 guilds will be very sportive and it will give chance to top 5 guild worked hard and enjoyed for this event.

    New Guid vs Guild PvP event is also great idea but it is more challenging than Elite Forces event. In DL, we have tech geechs. And very smart community too. They will create a guild with their alts and always wins so that to reach first place.

    A new option "Tracking Inactivity of a player in PvP match"need to be introduced.
    If a players dies don't respawn, or didn't move his toon(just standing in arena) will directly eliminated from the match and that toon can't be rejoined to the same match.

    Balancing lmbalance in the PVP:

    a) If match started with 3vs3 initially, later if two players in one side team left the match, automatically other side wins the match.

    b) If 5vs5 PvP match, if the gap between two team players is more than one, game need to be terminated/closed automatically. Eg: 5vs3, 5vs2, 5vs1 are not allowed.

    C) if both team loses same number of players, 1vs1 also possible.

    D) spectator option to all players in DL to view ongoing any PvP match.

    E) Last but no the least, Bring the Elite Forces in the middle of match to make more exciting and surprising.

    CTF: Kriegberg boss need to be spawned random. Killing team will get extra boost on stats to support Flagging.

    DM: Hurg spawns when King of the Ring is claimed. He will support other team players to kill the King.

    Need more suggestions/comments please.

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    when the event ends?
    Quote Originally Posted by Cinco View Post
    After the crushing horror they endured on 'Blood Beach,' the Hunters are banking on a bold new approach to attack the Vampire Nation...
    An Elite Force of Hunter Commandos have been strapped in to Kriegberg's Arc Teleporter for the purpose of launching a secret surprise-attack!
    The Arc Teleporter allows these Commandos to appear anywhere... and thus create a massive onslaught on multiple fronts. They must be stopped!
    The Vampire Nation calls upon all Guilds to combat this threat by storming the Campaign Map to find and defeat these "Elite Forces."

    Elite Force Hunters can appear in any Campaign Map from Kain's Crest to Worlmen Sepulcher.
    Elite Forces are staying out of Old Town (they're afraid of Old Town and the Elders that oversee it).

    For every Elite Force Hunter Commando you defeat, your Guild gains +5 Points!
    (You must be a member of a Guild to earn points. Only the player who makes the kill gets the points!)
    The Guild with the most points at the end of the Event is declared the Winner!
    Each Guild's point total is based on the Guild's top 50 highest-scoring Guild members.
    Check the Event Leaderboard to mark your Guild's progress toward victory!

    Attachment 168545

    Attachment 168560

    All members of the 1st and 2nd Place Guilds get access to a special vendor in Sergio's Shop for 24hrs.
    (You must be a member of the 1st or 2nd Place Guild at the end of the event to qualify.)
    1st Place Guild members can purchase no-trade sets of GOLD SWIMWEAR, BLACK SWIMWEAR and the DUSK GAMER SET for gold.
    (No-trade Swimwear sets are 3000 gold; the Dusk Gamer set is 2000 gold.)
    2nd Place Guild members can purchase the BLACK SWIMWEAR (character-bound) for gold.
    Trade-friendly versions of all vanity items can be purchased for Platinum (and stashed or re-sold).
    (Trade-friendly Swimwear sets are 600 Platinum; the Dusk Gamer tradeable set is 400 Plat.)
    Both 1st and 2nd Place Guild members also get access to deeply discounted 'forgotten' vanity items from the same vendor.

    Competiton begins at 12am Central time on Friday the 8th and ends at 11:59pm Central time on Saturday the 9th.
    Winning Guilds will have all Sunday the 10th to claim their prizes!

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    Cinco see what eoe 15 people are thinking
    they want to insult other guld members if they are number 1 with cheating

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    Thanks for all of the feedback and for participating in Dark Legends' first Guild Event!

    The event will come to an end at 10:00am Central time today, Sunday the 10th.

    1st Place Guild will get their reward at this time.

    2nd Place Guild will get their reward tomorrow (Monday the 11th) at 12noon Central time.

    Looking forward to future events! Congratulations to everyone!!
    | | | |

    Need help? Please visit our Support Website at

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