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Thread: PVP suggestions and issues to be fixed

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    Lightbulb PVP suggestions and issues to be fixed

    1) Negative H/S should reduce the opponent health per second over time as damage ( damage over time )
    2) Rose wand have level 5 weakness debuff ( but the debuff does not reduce hit, only damage. Needs to be fixed )
    3) Paw proc should display nightmare animation on opponent if triggered
    4) Pumpkin chunker range should be 12m instead of 11.5m since it is a crossbow
    5) All melee weapons break armor points debuff should be increase to 25 due to auto attack range disadvantage ( Forgotten blade, guru hammer )
    6) All melee weapons stackable armor point debuff should be increase to 5 per hit instead of 1 ( guru 1h hammer, board and nail )
    7) Forgotten staff armor buff proc chance and duration should be increase
    8) Forgotten bow blinding proc should be able to be negated with heal or guardian or health regen spell
    9) All other classes health regen spell should be able to remove negative effects other than rhino and mage
    10) Toy man wand root proc chance should be increase
    11) Mega combos damage should be higher maybe x2 or x3 current damage due to teamwork and execution difficulty

    Deathmatch and CTF tournaments should be held monthly using some other maps differently monthly. ( Map requirement set by STS )There are many amazing pvp maps created by STS but not played by players.

    Top 3 winning teams monthly can be rewarded with gold/platinum and pvp honour points ( in the form of loot ) which can be exchanged for cool pvp vanity items. ( various vanities requires various honour points to exchange for them ). Create an item call Honour Point under crafting inventory which will be rewarded to top 3 winners monthly.
    Example :
    White pvp shield : 500 honour points to exchange
    Purple pvp shield : 300 honour points to exchange
    Pvp armor : 1000 honour points to exchange
    Pvp helmet : 800 honour points to exchange

    The cooler the vanity and more exclusive it is, requires more honour points to exchange for it.

    Lastly, thank you Spacetime Studios developers for this awesome game with unlimited potential amd possibilities.
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    I appreciate your post, however I think Cinco has been fairly clear that he is not going to touch twink PvP anytime in the near future. I suggest you come to endgame where the real PvP happens .

    As much as I would love to see the monthly PvP and CTF tournaments happen, I don't think Cinco would be able to both manage tournaments and pump out new content for Pocket Legends (I assume this is the case because he seems to be one at STS who manning PL management atm).

    Also, I see it unlikely that players would be able to manage it either, as many of us have commitments throughout the year (whether that be school, university, or a job) which would eat up that time spent on managing a tournament.


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