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Thread: Ideas for future events

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    Post Ideas for future events

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    1) Sorry for my poor drawing, but maybe next event we can have emblems like such.

    2) More prizes other than implants: gotta admit, the implants are rather useless given the fact that they can be bought from the other vendors in future updates.

    3) A way to tell who is top 10 and how many points you've accumulated. This would help very large guilds organize.

    4) PvP event or a different event: disable mods, auto clickers, any stuff like that so everyone can have fun while farming

    5) Double xp, damage, increased vanity drops, etc. during these events: gives us an incentive for actually taking time out of our lives to accumulate points.

    any other suggestions down below.
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    Cinco said that in the next client update you will be able to see how many points the top players have.

    PVP I agree but dont make it an event. Remove mods from pvp entirely. Too many people acting like pvp gods just because players who quit gave them their godly mods.

    And yes increased vanity drops 100%. The drop mechanic changes are fine but increase the drop rate a little. havent seen anyone drop a vanity so far since the update.

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    Im thinking some old vanities can be brought back via prizes of event guilds, will be a refreshing change from implants mostly everyone has

    For new vanities maybe we can have more pets? Right now non store pets are very scarce, so i was thinking new droppable pets like yaniz will be nice. Baby biomech? Or the red dogs from voleria there is many ideas could be made

    New shirts for guild event should be fun, silver and bronze shirts will be really cool although i dont know how gold can be handled as it already exists

    Also bcz this game is dead, i agree increased drop rate vanity weekends! Itll be fun chance to get some more vans in market since its still reallly hard to get vanities

    A new identical pvp arena but mods arent activated so both mod and non mod users are happy

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    New pets with new bonuses , perhaps +10dmg or smthg like that.

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