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Thread: Twist Guild Events Thread

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    Default Twist Guild Events Thread

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    Requirements to enter:
    1. You must be in the Discord server (if your reading this then you already meet half of the requirements to enter XD)
    2. You must be level 66+
    3. Choose a number from 1 to 100 and say the number in #guild-raffle-entry along with your IGN on the Discord server.

    Winners will be picked randomly using a random number selector;
    The Raffles will be picked on the 15th Of July!

    x1 Abaddon Egg (535k)
    x1 Hisha Egg (500k)
    x1 Platinum Egg (270k)
    x1 5,000 Experience (180k)
    x1 25 Ankh (175k)
    x1 18 Carrot Wedding Ring (165k)
    x1 5 Respec Scrolls (115k)
    x1 violet (76k)
    x1 Venim (75k)
    x1 Dovabear (70k)
    x1 vlad (40k)
    x2 Lucky Egg (35k)
    x1 Breezaga (35k)
    x3 2,000 Experience (27k)
    x3 Sack of 50 Hauntlet Coins (23k)
    x3 Sack of 100 Glintstone Coins (21k)
    x4 1,000 Experience (idk price)
    x3 Sack of 25 Dragkin Teeth (17k)
    x3 2018 Red Arlorian Egg (15k)
    x4 Gourdy (14k)
    x3 Sack of 100 Cryostar Coins (14k)
    x5 Wyatt (8k)
    x9 600 Experience (7k)
    x5 1 Ankh (6k)
    x20 Crafted Planar Fragment (5k)

    x100 items total (Total value 2.8m - 3m)

    Guild Discord server:
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    Sweeeeeet, excited haha

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