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Thread: Chrome..... Ultimate......

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    Default Chrome..... Ultimate......

    Hummmm..... LOL......

    I wanted to post this yesterday but, I wanted to have a "grace" period in-between posting.........

    My web browser = Chrome

    Operating system = Windows 7

    I mostly play AL on PC and when I do, I use the "mouse and keyboard" combination..........

    After really blasting through maps and actually using the ultimate due to their new load speeds, i've been using it much more when running maps......

    The "placement" of the ultimate is a bit awkward....

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    As you can see, the ultimate button is circled in red...... And the issue i'm having is that it's way too far off by itself because when using the mouse, the pointer gets lost a lot easily so, if something is located far off and by itself like the ultimate button, it can really lead to a sort of "clumsiness".... The menu circled in green keeps being accidentally clicked in an attempt to access my ultimate, which causes a situation where you have to really take your eye off the battle for a min, find the ult button, click it, then close that pesky menu..... LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The positioning of the ultimate button would be better located somewhere near the attack button zone with the other attacks (i've seen some pics of the ult being right next to the pet aa button)..... It's just awkward with that ultimate button being SO HIGH UP........ LOL....... It's like:

    Whoa!!!!! "You gotta Lebron James" just to get to it.......
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    So, I guess my suggestion/feedback is that it would be better off "lowered"..... LOL!!!!!!!!!

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    also will be nice if ult button will be "R" instead of "6" on keyboard

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    Or just have all skills/pots/pet AA/ etc.. to be customizable. Like assigning any key for each of them, so that the players will be comfortable as instead of a fixed key that not all are good with it.

    I mean, some games have them because some are lefties, some are righties, not all will favour the positioning of the keys.

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    It would be really nice if you can edit Hotkeys.

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