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    Default Minor Suggestions

    -The in-game scoreboard

    Could the scoreboard be closed by just tapping anywhere on it instead of tapping the arrow? Because I play on my tablet, when I click the scoreboard it's difficult to close since the screen is big (9"), I have to move my hand away from the shooting arrow and stop moving normally to click the arrow at the top.

    -Tier Ups

    Could there be an in-game notification or pop-up showing that you've tiered up?
    (If there already is one I haven't noticed it lol)

    I don't know these are just some things I thought of whilst playing

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    The window should close if you tap anywhere except the actual list of names. I just tested it by tapping on the left side of the screen at the bottom of the screen.

    I've added Tier Up notification to the suggestions list.


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