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Thread: Bloodgrub Headdress Trophy Recipe

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    Default Bloodgrub Headdress Trophy Recipe

    Kindly Increase the drop rate of Bloodgrub Headdress Trophy recipe. I have been running bloodgrub for LB as Plat (with farming elixir) for a week now and didnt loot recipe yet. I see there is only 1 recipe in auction that is selling for 7m, which means the drop rate is very low. Please make our runs count, after all you only get the chance once in a year to craft the trophy, and it would be a shame if RNG ruins it.

    Please look into it at your nearest convenience, thank you.
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    It drops in Ethereal chests. Nott at bloodgrub as a drop.

    Literally the only good change in the event this year. -1 Please keep it as it is.
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