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Thread: Ancient Spirit Blade (Review up to lvl 40)

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    Default Ancient Spirit Blade (Review up to lvl 40)

    Previous weapons used: Tainted Ax, Dragon Sword

    Other gear: endless set, arcane belt, 71 arcane ring, 54 arcane amulet. Arcane Yeti artifact.

    Overall impression: glad I got it.

    1. In the beginning you will not be impressed as beginning levels feel like your going backwards in stats and in most cases you will be. Levels pretty fast 1-20. Stats respectable after level 20.

    2. XP grind gets extensive after about level 25.

    3. Stats on sword and dot impressive after level 35. Dps and str better than arcane aegis at this point.

    4. Really impressed with dot at level 39.

    5. I like the heal function, helps out the party.

    Iím about to hit 40 and I think thatpull starts for the proc at 41, more to follow. It really is a XP grind so be ready to spend some time in the swamp. The XP requirement 39 to 40 is slightly over 202k. Iím getting about 5k xp per run.

    6. Donít get the blade if you like armor. I lost quite a bit of armor compared to tainted ax. I had to adjust my awakes on arcane belt to offset the armor loss. If you like armor then get the aegis.

    Iíve got my spirit blade at 45 now. I love the proc. The pull/heal/dot is awesome! It is a bear to level now, 467k+ for level 46. The spirit xp event helped a ton.
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