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    Default Dear Cinco

    This is my honest opinion ,
    Just wanted to share to you my honest. I been playing SL since 2011 I know the principles and how it works. When New things be introduced its Latest Fashion in Star Legends and it makes us all happy so Thank you for bringing us Updates. Your a really good game developers. Now today I just heard about a player “Aggregor” aka DivinityBow has obtained a One of a kind unique Napalm freely. Which he contributed an Asked for L55 Napalms with photoshopped images fair enough. BUT If you been paying attention to our suggestions threads and what the community has been asking for. then you would have known he is NOT the first person to request this item. We are all upset that you ignored us to only listen to this man and reward him with something he doesnt really deserve. It would be fair if you gave credit to Aggregor or gave him custom description on our napalms but not handing over an over powered and rare special napalm for common ideas. I hope you fix this in the most appropriate manner and fairest way as possible. Honestly in Your shoes I wouldnt break character or Show favouritism to wards other members of tge community I would have gave Aggregor early access to advertise the upcoming gun 24 hours before release not exclusive gun for an Idea will all produced. Thanks again Cinco for updates but please act upon my wish and solve this bias act.

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