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Thread: How to be EXTREMELY RICH and SUCCESSFUL in Arcane Legends

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    Default How to be EXTREMELY RICH and SUCCESSFUL in Arcane Legends

    My recommendations to be rich and successful.

    If you BUY PLATINUM or Do offers
    Method 1, 2 and 3 then 4.

    If you are Free to Play Player
    Method 5, 6 , 4 and 10. Keep repeating until you can do Method 2.

    How I became RICH:
    Method 5, 6 , 4 , 3 and 2.

    Method 1: Fastest Way

    1. Be rich in real life
    2. Buy Plat with real money
    3. Buy and Sell 10 Elite awakens
    4. Congrats! You are now rich!

    Method 2:Second Fastest way is Investing
    1. Repeat method 1 until you ran out of plat and have a lot of gold e.g. 10m
    2. Buy 10 elite awakes, 50 crate keys, double boss loot elixir and other limited items and hold them for a long time.
    3. Sell them when the price has doubled.

    Method 3: Third Fastest Way
    1. Live in a rich western country
    2. Do offers that reward ridiculous amount of plat
    3. Repeat step 3 and 4 of Method 1 until you run out of Plat.
    4. If you are greedy enough, try method 2.

    Method 4: Merching
    1. Read this guide:
    2. Follow the steps mentioned on above thread.
    3. If you dont have enough gold for this, try Method 5.

    Method 5: Farming chests (highly reccomdended for new players)
    1. Level upto 46 and buy gears of your level minimum
    2. Run elite Oltgar Keep, Elite Ancient Mariner Refef or Elite tindril for Elite Chests like Puzzebox, golden chests and warchest
    3. Sell them in auction for 15k+ each

    Method 6: Farming
    1. Level to max level or near end game
    2. Buy legendary gear of your level
    3. Kill mobs in graveyard and do quests that reward gold or
    4. Farm during events and hope to loot something good
    5. Buy gold loot gears and farm mausoleum maps, elite southern gates or Elite Festerfang.

    Method 7: Scamming
    1. Have some knowledge of the game
    2. Scam Someone new
    3. Get Banned
    4. Cry and Start over from Method 7 cuz you are an ***.

    Method 8: Jewel Farming
    1. Level up to 57 minimum with a warrior and buy legendary 71 gear
    2. Buy Fury, Finesse and Mind elixir jewels in auction
    3. Use them and run Elite Shuyal solo to make it rain jewels
    4. Craft into weak jewels and sell to people in towns
    5. Rinse and Repeat

    Method 9: Begging
    1. Go around in town asking for gold from others
    2. Never reach more gold than 50k.
    3. Start using Method 5 and 6.

    Method 10: Giveaways
    1. Taking part in giveaways on youtube channels
    2. Taking parts in active guild events
    3. Taking part in forum events.

    Ps. Leave a thumbs up on the bottom left side of the post if this helps
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    Lmao op thread

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    You forgot to say "Elixir" in the second step of Jewel Farming.

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    Holy crap handsum #7 and 9 scared the crap out of me! xD

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    #11 Stay rich
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    another OP thread, new player shud come and read thisssss.

    thank you

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    Handsum u alays the best thret poster and ty for this guide

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