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    Default Volunteer Game Moderator And His Roles In Game

    I would like to suggest an idea of recruiting a volunteer game moderator by STS.Those moderator will be selected from the arcane legend players who are willing to volunteer for game moderator.For this they have to fill up a special form which includes some important questions and had to send to STS. The selection of volunteer moderator should be based on the interview taken by STS.Volunteer moderator should have good past history in game,good behaviour to people,good attitude,mature,and have ability to handle situation perfectly.
    Note:-Volunteer Moderator are like normal players who are selected to monitor game and help STS in keeping game clean and smooth.They should be in some unique color so that they can be easily recognized by peoples.

    The main reason is that there is no real active moderator in game who can monitor the peoples behaviour in the game and instantly take actions.There are some moderator who take action by forum but with help of volunteer one can directly take action in game and report to senior moderator.
    Another reason is there are many cases of scamming,abusing,cheating,etc. Right now we can send screenshot of there bad deeds but the problem is some of them still escape from being punished by STS and they still continue there evil deeds openly.


    I Would like to also suggest some important roles and power of volunteer moderator:-

    1)He should be able to monitor game and if he finds any bad behaviour by certain people then he should take action and report to sts.
    2)If moderator finds anyone trying to scam people then moderator should ban trade permit for certain month(like 6 months) of the scammer along with trade permit of all his bound accounts so that he will not be able to trade with anyone for certain period of time.
    3)If the scammer scams tries to scam again and the moderator finds it then he should ban all the scammers account instantly and report to sts.
    4)If moderator find someone abusing or using bad words then moderator should warn him and if he continues it then moderator should mute him for 1 week. And if he continues it again then his account should be banned.
    5)Junior Moderator should help reporting bugs and technical issues to STS.

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    Good sentiment, but in the entire history of MMOs, this has never, ever, ever (ever) worked.
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