Hey,so i was thinking since i run the endgame as a mage i kinda "struggle" and i know warriors also do since the game is just abt dmg,and who deals the best dmg? Rogue. Which is why ppl started calling it rogue swamp. I did like the idea of glint set buffing certin skills in the classes so why not bring it back?
I think warriors would get invited more if they had a weapon that lets say..turns vengful blood into an aura which buffs all thier allies and thierself? It would still match the warrior theme by buffing/suppourting thier allies while giving them some love

Or mage getting a bonus on ice or fireball to deal extra dmg,cast multiple times or even let it be a giant cloud of curse (ik sounds like balanced staff lol) OR like kershal did,giving them a big self boost in stats so they can live up to rogue damage output, yes i know tainted is a thing but its not consistant and u need 3/3 set on for the 200 dmg buff.

Thx for reading

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