I know this doesn't have to do with PL gameplay directly, but it really makes it hard to take any of these "plat offer" seriously when they only work 1/2 of the time. And I don't mean 1/2 of the time just doing them, after I send them detailed photo evidence and time/date of transaction + all the jazz. Now you might be just saying "wow bat you just don't want to pay for plat", but what about the case where you do a paid offer where you can get more plat for less $? Now PL benefit, ironsource benefit, the guy who put the ad benefit. Wanna know who doesn't benefit? ME. YOU. The players.

Yeah, because this ironsource has a wonderful customer service tactic, it's called "ignore emails". And that's the best of the providers, lmao, others are even worse. They think if you ignore the problem surely it will go away. Well I'm pissed AF rn, so no the problem is not over. You can't just half-*** automated email me that you could "not confirm with provider" and then ask for further evidence that you're gonna ignore, or ask me for something I already gave. Heck, I know people who've sent freaking videos and still get this reject ticket bs.

Honestly when someone told me the plat offers were "fixed" I was happy. But it just means it was fixed on the sts perspective (accepted offers reward plat), but what about the third party, ironsource?

Now I'm not gonna ask something unreasonable like "DOWN WITH IRONSOURCE" despite their horrible abuse and my wasted time and the fact that they make me feel like a criminal hunting down some plat.

All I'm asking is if any dev can include the functionality to send more than one complaint on the provider window. The current provider allows you to send a ticket, but if they reject, you're done. They won't respond to subsequent emails (maybe they'll respond with another automated email lol). It just says "rejected ticket" and goodbye to your chances on plat.

So please someone include such a function!

P.S Ironsource owes me around 270+ plat right now, and it's right before the event too, so that adds to the frustration. Aight thanks for reading.