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Thread: Improvements in PvP Maps

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    Default Improvements in PvP Maps

    Currently,PvP is simply based on skills and highly build up stats only.There is no such maps which make PvP more intresting and challenging.PvP maps needs to be more tactical.So,I would like to suggest improvement:-

    1.Pools In Map:-
    Currently there are no pools in PvP map and due to this one can blindly use there skills and can kill easily each other.It would be great if there is some pools in maps which will make think twice before blindly using there skills and stepping on those pools.Those pool effect can be removed by using certain skills and certain pets arcane ability that removes the effects.There could be diffrent types of pools effects :-
    i)Ice Pool :- It freezes u for certain period of time.
    ii)Poison Pool:-It poisons you and does damage over time.
    iii)Fire Pool:-It reduce your armor by certain % for certain period of time.
    iv)Time Pool:- It makes you inability to use your skill for certain period of time.
    ☆Note:-Those pool can be removed by Stampy arcane ability for certain period of time but should reappear later.

    2)Random Buff Materials In Ground:-
    This materials appears in the PvP map and while consuming one would be provided with:-
    i)Immunity to pool for certain period of time.
    ii)Increase of damage by certain %.
    iii)Increase of armor by certain %.

    3)Meteorite From Sky:-

    This meteorite will randomly drop from the sky and when it impacts a person it will reduce some hp and has chance to stun too.Warning sign must be shown before impacting which will make player aware of where will be imapact zone.

    4)Point System for PvP Map:-
    Lets introduce a point system in PvP map like events.The point will be based on the number of kills.Depending on point there should be different tiers.In each tier you will be awarded with some awsome vanities and other cool stuffs.

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    as far as ive seen in other pvp games , a tactical pvp is the one that everyone have same stats and equipment and the only thing that matters is the skills and experience.
    things that u mentioned are so cool and challenging but in case that everyone be same stats. Adding these to current pvp state which , as u said, is base on stats will only cause much more useless drama
    i can imagine trash talks saying "I died because of the ice pool not u!" "yeah be happy the meteor helped u" ...

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    Best improvment on pvp maps would be chat disabled and no pm for 10 minutes after xD
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    I love number 2 and 3 definitely should implement those

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