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Thread: 27 mage help

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    Default 27 mage help

    okay so i made a 27 mage and i kinda suck at it lmao can anyone help me with a build and what helm/armor should i be using?

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    Depends on your set, the better the stats the better chances at winning, basically paw makes u tanky so your fine with having dex armor helm or you could mix it up, if you think you have low skill dmg just use int hallo set

    Also dividing points to more int than dex helps.

    Iím not sure about builds but 6 lighting is a must!!! It helps a lot, pretty sure BoM is 6 and BoV is 4 is what mages used but my info might be outdated except lighting one.

    Also thereís versality Of builds. Tank,Drain,Light,etc etc

    In mage vs mage you should be generally be spamming lighting and heal, counter drain when he uses drain or heal and always ice fire combo!!

    Bears are hard to fight so I use 5 fire to kite them, but itís up to you what your build should be, baiting out bec is hard (or to me arleast) only heal first after uses HS!! Drain and hope it hits

    I havenít played l27 mage pvp since about February 2017 so some of the info is outdated and i forgot most everything lol.

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