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Thread: 27 mage help

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    Default 27 mage help

    okay so i made a 27 mage and i kinda suck at it lmao can anyone help me with a build and what helm/armor should i be using?

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    Depends on your set, the better the stats the better chances at winning, basically paw makes u tanky so your fine with having dex armor helm or you could mix it up, if you think you have low skill dmg just use int hallo set

    Also dividing points to more int than dex helps.

    Iím not sure about builds but 6 lighting is a must!!! It helps a lot, pretty sure BoM is 6 and BoV is 4 is what mages used but my info might be outdated except lighting one.

    Also thereís versality Of builds. Tank,Drain,Light,etc etc

    In mage vs mage you should be generally be spamming lighting and heal, counter drain when he uses drain or heal and always ice fire combo!!

    Bears are hard to fight so I use 5 fire to kite them, but itís up to you what your build should be, baiting out bec is hard (or to me arleast) only heal first after uses HS!! Drain and hope it hits

    I havenít played l27 mage pvp since about February 2017 so some of the info is outdated and i forgot most everything lol.

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    I play L27 mage sometimes so I might be able to help. With base stats most people use a mix of int and dex. I use enough dex to get 97-100% hit% with gear then the rest int. You can also use str/int if you want to be a pally. There are pros and cons to each of them.

    So the gear to use if you're int/dex is L25 str hallow helm and armor, L25 pink paw, and your choice of L20 black heart shield, L25 pink head/doll, or L25 pink evi. They each have their own pros and cons as well. Black heart provides the highest armor and damage but lacks the percentage based stats like hit/crit/dodge. Head/doll provides the highest dodge and it pairs well with str hallow and paw. I think it gives you about 15% dodge which is pretty good for L27. Evi provides the highest crit. Some other weapons you can use are L25 toy, L20 candle, L20 rose, or a l25-27 fbow. They each have their own pros and cons as well but if you want the highest chance of success just stick with paw. It's more common than toy, stronger than candle and rose, and provides enough armor and allows you to use a shield so that it can beat fbow.

    A common build is 6 bom, 6 bov, 6 light, 4 drain, 1 frost, 1 fire, 1 heal, 1 ms. The buffs are high level so you can do more damage and take less. Lightning is at 6 because it's the highest dps skill in the game and has a debuff that stacks and can't be healed off. 4 drain is so you can gain back a lot of health quickly and do a good amount of damage. Fire and frost are for combos as well as kiting. Heal is only one because with the nerf to heal it's not strong enough to keep you alive at higher levels so it's just better to use it as a cleanse type of skill to take off debuffs and procs. Ms is necessary because of just how good it is. It doubles your health pool in a second.

    So the hardest enemy will probably be other mages. Some foxes are difficult but the majority of them are mediocre. Bears get outclassed and can be kited. Birds and rhinos are non-existent at level 25-27.

    This is how you fight mages. Say go, use your buffs, I suggest using bom first because bov only lasts 12 seconds so you want to have it active for as much of the fight as possible. Bom lasts long enough that it won't end in most fights. There are two ways that I usually begin a fight. It's either frost light fire heal drain or light heal frost fire drain. The main reason people use the first one is because frost has a range of 12m. You can use that skill before you're even in range of using light or fire. There is also a delay for frost based on range. So since you use it from so far out it will coincide with the delay that lightning has. If you press fire at the moment frost lands then your combo will hit your opponent at the same time as lightning. This high amount of damage should force your opponent into using their drain. The MAIN trick in mage fights at this level is holding your drain. Using drain second will keep you at full health and your opponent at half or even lower. From there it's an easy win.

    So the second way of beginning a fight is a counter to the first one. Instead of using frost first you use light then heal. What this does is immediately debuff your opponent to reduce their hit%, armor, etc. The heal is meant to counter the frost so you don't get combo'd and it saves you some health. After you heal you use frost fire and since you're up close then it will be more difficult for your opponent to time their heal to counter your frost. This whole beginning is hoping that you prevented enough damage to yourself that you don't need to use drain and your opponent does instead. Because remember, whoever holds drain wins.

    There's also a trick to win by draining first. If you use ms directly after draining. By doing this you take their health and since ms is activated, their drain won't heal them. So if they get caught off guard you can finish them with a lightning or whatever you have off cooldown.

    So the pros and cons of being int/dex is having high hit, damage, and range. The con is not being able to use reaper.
    The pro of str/int is high skill damage, high armor, and being able to use reaper. The cons are low hit%.

    If you want to be str/int use L20 conq helm and armor, L25 pink reaper, and either L25 pink cage or L20 black heart. I think it's 62 str rest int. Just use the minimum amount of str so you can equip the conq gear. The build I use is 6 bom, 6 bov, 6 light, 3 heal, 1 frost, 1 icestorm, 1 fire, 1 drain, 1 ms. Everything is the same as int/dex except 3 heal is viable because of the increase in armor and 1 icestorm is so you can chase and lockdown mages.

    This is how you fight mages as a pally. Say go and buff the same way. The ways to begin a fight are generally the same. Either do frost or lightning first. When I do frost first I don't really care about the initial frost being used to combo. I just expect them to heal it off so I use icestorm after light and before fire to get the combo. Drain is also not as important to hold onto. If you are around half health then it's fine to use it. Doing light first I do heal after, then icestorm, fire, then frost. Since you're already up close after light you can use icestorm in place of frost. After the combo your opponent will probably be trying to run away so that's what the frost is for. It let's you catch up. If they heal off frost then use icestorm and vise versa. The MAIN reason why pally is good at L27 is because you just out dps other mages. If you have a reaper your skill damage is innately higher than other mages. So spamming lightning and staying in auto range is critical. If you can lockdown a mage and survive their high drain then you should be able to win.

    Anything I wrote above can also just be completely ignored if you get unlucky with hits, dodges, and crits. There are a lot of different builds and playstyles that I didn't touch on. I just wrote about the two that I think are the strongest and the most viable. Good luck at L27
    I'm lowkey mediocre at this game

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