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Thread: Banish Set Vanity recipe

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    Lightbulb Banish Set Vanity recipe

    Please enable the vendor in Kraag with the recipe to turn Banish set into Vanity.
    It takes years of grinding to finish that quest chain and the helm and armor looks pretty cool
    The Dragon Infused Helmet looks dope too, I hope it can be turned into vanity too. Thanks.

    PS: Can you also look into the drop rate of the materials for this quest chain, Just want to know if Raw Cryostar Core is still in the loot table :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trader View Post
    Just want to know if Raw Cryostar Core is still in the loot table :P
    I saw a system announcement of that drop; I think that was about a month ago. I have the banished rogue armor by the way, which class do you need?
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    The Dragon Infused Helmet should have a vanity recipe as its unstashable, untradable and is useless after the quest is complete.
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