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Thread: deep marsh and about BIGGEST expansion

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    Default deep marsh and about BIGGEST expansion

    sts maybe u open deep marsh forever? and it will be just as usual elite map? it doesnt give OP loot (as was in raids), its not fast to complete, and i guess that cheap smurfs will not cry about class balance, so why not? at least we can run NEW MAP of biggest expansion instead that maus and esg

    ur biggest expansion atm:
    -2 dead raids ( okay okay there are some people who making lb runs + who still trying to get useless mire art ) but its not location for all players
    -red coins: i didnt run raids 24/7, but atm i have not tradeable 5 arcane rings, 5 amulets, 2 armors and 2 helms (all bought only by not tradeable coins) - is it normal? and it also not stashable...
    -not very active pvp (its only for richies who has op pvp gears, or gangers), its not like pvp which was at expansion lvl61 and below
    -spirit weapons (daggers) - long way to lvl up it after last update (barrels and another things doesnt give xp now), double proc from one attack? its pushing enemies away instead of pulling to middle, lmao, by usual (not charged) attack almost not real to get proc... i'll faster learn how to merch and buy lvl50spirit than i make my lvl50, because theres no reason to grind that normal map (or spirit marsh which doesnt gives kills), saw today lvl50 spirit daggers, adding me +200-300 dmg and some crit compared to lvl66 arcane weapon (but other stats and proc of spirit... so sucking tbh)... also ur 2x xp spirit event looks like theres no event because u removed xp from barrels
    -spirit armor and helm lvl50 - give worse stats than any lvl66 set armor or helm, reason to buy spirit gears then?! (rogue... didnt check other classes)
    -maus... what about maus? i got +3k armor atm (had 6k armor at lvl66 in somberhold, now i have 9k armor) and its harder for me than it was at lvl66 (especially on some mini-bosses and lich); what reason to scale it more and more if u dont give us better gears for that, seems like i need lvl66-67 toon (+same friends) to farm it better, weapons lvl 66 still best there + lvl46-66 staffs, and also we all see how u nerfing gold loot there, even if u dont inform us about that... and why its so hard to fix portals? (still no portal sometimes after mini boss + we cant use portal if mobs near, and you explained that theres some probs about portals because of ur biggest expansion, but still no fix)
    -ultimates ? there were a lot of threads about it (atm each class have 1 useless ultimate, why no change it?)...just wanted to add: why ultimate need 10 points if u added only 5 lvls, means at lvl66 my skillbuild was more perfect than now... logic?
    -lvl71 arcane ring and amulet... when will be item which adds dex by killing enemies?
    -nightmare raid still daily or require gold to enter? i made 400+ runs there, got 0 set items, there also no gold from boss, why it cant be free to enter?

    really there is nothing to do in game atm, let us make new aps then?
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    i ran couple of hours in the evening with 3-4 xp spirit lix 50% a day (3-4 runs if big maps) on fri / sat ... now my spirit gun only have 47k xp out of 780k to get to 49 ....... it is demoralising and boring to even run .

    Oconi is no where to be found since release, not even purchasable by red coin or murks or platinum ? it is only useful in festerfang map for xp, not useful in other maps why is it so exclusive?

    Agree deep marsh should be improve have to gold loot maps or treasures room to offset what they remove from hydra ... the map is practically empty and not permanent.
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