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Thread: Dear STS...

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    Default Dear STS...

    I started playing back in 2013 and really do enjoy the game itself. Here is why I'm quitting:

    This game has me hooked since years and I did enjoy every minute playing. I really dont mind the bugs even if they take sometimes ages to get fixed. Also class imbalance is not a real problem but the one thing that made me finally quit is dishonesty. I do not mean getting screwd in trade or scammed in any other way.
    I mean the dishonesty from STS to their playerbase.

    I do not remember every incidence that happend.
    But there were a few things that makes me quit the game.

    The first one is the deary island bug. I dont know how many still remember this but when arcane deary was released there was a bug where you could loot tons of lockeds.
    This bug was indeed intended to push the arcane deary sale.

    Then the gold loot thing started with awakening gems getting introduced. Even tho I understand that you could get too much gold farming, I really feel ripped of if I spend REAL money to get more gold loot just to get a huge nerf in Gl and getting with my low 200% gl nearly the same amount as i did before spending money.

    The last thing was this hydra nerf right after the double XP event. before the event Justg posted something along the lines "for everyone who thinks they need a rog to farm hydra its their turn to lvl". I expected some changes that made rogs less op but did not expect a complete nerf.
    The thing here is i again spent REAL money to level up expecting i could farm hydra with my rog. So i too bought mire set gear and spent millions of gold.
    I the end i lost real money since i dont enjoy playing rog and lost a lot of ingame gold too.
    Maybe you think this is my fault for making bad decisions. But in the End I think this XP event was really just for milking the player base. STS could have nerfed Hydra way before.
    This last one is just an assumption which makes a lot of sense to me. no proof there tho.
    But generally this is not how I as a player wants to get treated.

    In the end I still love the game itself but this is too shady for me to further enjoy.

    Thanks STS for the long time I did enjoy the game.

    Probably my last post


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    Fare thee well loli

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    None of that stuff affected me since I do not do gold loot and was barely on deary island, certainly not during the bug. Oblivious is always good. Keeps me happily skipping through the game like a nab. Nabs rule!

    Star light, star bright...

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    You maybe have bad luck

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