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Thread: Sell all inventory items

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    Lightbulb Sell all inventory items

    Can we please have a quicker way to sell our common rares and epics as in a auto sell feature. Another idea would be have a favorite system to mark individual items that we want and have a botton to sell all non favorited items. And have 3 separate selling systems. Equipment, vanity, crafting/furnishing. You can also make craft selling by marking 1 groups them all so you don't have to favorite each individual crafting item of the same jewel or ingredient.
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    An option to search items in inventory by typing the name should be nice. Or put the same items in 1 place. For example: crafted murkstones are all under each other instead of crafted murkstones x20. Less scrolling and a better sight on how many same items you have :-)

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