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Thread: Arcane Legends tips and tricks to beat the game!

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    Default Arcane Legends tips and tricks to beat the game!

    Getting gold in Arcane Legends.

    Farming: Many people may say "Farm maus for gold or elite southern gates." Well there are different ways that literally only take level 55+ to do. No gold loot no luck no super OP gears. Its farming elite maps such as nordr or kracken, these 2 maps have certain items in them that sell for 2k to 25k each. (It makes money faster than being a beggar!)

    In nordr
    you have <Elite golden war chest iii> which sells for 15-25k each (only dropped by bosses), another item there would be <Elite runner chests> these can be dropped by (any enemy) these sell for 2k-6k each.

    Now for kracken
    you have <Elite gold pirate chest ii> which sells for 10-15k+ each (only dropped by bosses) another would be runner chests, same as the ones in nordr.

    Which class should run each map and what level?

    For Elite Nordr
    you would want to use a rogue atleast level 61/ Mage 61/ Warrior 66 and atleast 1800 damage because the enemies have a good amount of health, I would say they have 40k-60k health each.

    For Elite kracken
    you would want to use a Level 55+ rogue/ Level 58-61 Mage/ 61 Warrior, these enemies have around 9k-15k health each so they die fast.

    Being efficient in these maps can make you around 200-400k gold an hour no problem.

    The down sides
    1 you have to list the items in the auction
    2 you don't receive experience.
    3 chests don't drop every time you finish a map.
    The up sides are:
    You don't have to worry about gold loot items dropping in price.
    2 You don't even need to spend more than 500k on gear.
    3 You make more gold selling an elite gold war chest than you would running elite southern gates 10 times without gold loot.
    4 You loot a chest just about every 3-8 maps on average.
    5 It is harder to die there and mess your kdr up than maus or esg.

    Events: There are many events in arcane legends. To be successful in making gold in events you must find the main items people want in the event. I will list each event and the items that are best to merch from them.

    Egg hunt/ Easter event: Red eggs/Plat eggs/ Gold eggs.

    Valentine event: Just run the event and sell stuff as you go.

    Expansion: Buy tons of 60% exp kits for 30k- each sell 70k+.

    Halloween: Boogie bags (if they have op items)

    Occupy windmoore: House deeds (tavern/lodge/cottage)

    Harvest event: sell stuff as you go. Small farmer 100k or so, big farmer few mil.

    Winter event: Get 100 tokens buy a badge farm the main boss for op vanity/gears and sell.

    Goblin event: Merch speed sets (Nox/Tox/Veno)

    Eggzavier: sell stuff as you go, merch Hisha/ Abaddon/ Magma

    St paddy event: Merch lucky artifacts/vanity/ sell stuff as you farm.

    Leveling up in Arcane Legends.

    Now, to level up in Arcane Legends go to this thread Azerothraven made and give him a thanks.**Updated**

    Merching in Arcane Legends

    Merching is one of the hardest things to explain, every one has different points of views and this is why no one can explain an efficient way to teach people on how to merch. You may see videos that show you what to buy and sell but those videos are not able to teach you how to be a pro mercher.
    My tips are:
    DON'T SCAM- This is the dumbest thing to ever do and it gets you banned so don't do this crap.
    Don't beg because this gets you put on ignore making it harder to find buyers for your stuff.
    Don't buy something you don't know the price of. Ask me if you need help with prices- Ign: Encryptions.
    Fight for your offer/price. Meaning you want 4mil for something and someone offers 3.5mil don't let him take your profit, fight your way up by changing price until you both agree.
    Study the prices of items in the auction meaning you must know the prices of items before you buy.
    Know the supply and demand of stuff. MOST IMPORTANT.

    Items to be aware of in merching. They will randomly be listed in the auc for a few mil gold and when you buy one they drop back down to 2k gold each making you lose a lot of your gold.
    Bad merching items are:
    1 Luminous Templanar Bomb. These are normally 2k each
    2 Dark Apostle Bomb. These are 2k each also.
    3 Script of ancient Technology. These are 20k each.
    4 Egg shell (Craft). These are 60-180k each.
    5 Goblin relic fragment. These are worse than deary eggs.
    6 Planarite Ingot. These are under 470k for what I know.
    7 Gnome power seal. Normally 110k or below.
    Cryogem process mold. Normally 50k-80k
    9 Dream craft weapon items (Craft) Below 50k for epic rarity below 275k for legendary.
    10 Medium wall divider. These are 9k each.
    Will add more.

    Managing/saving gold in AL

    Managing gold is quite simple, don't buy stuff you don't need, save up and wait until you are 0-6 levels away from the max level to buy gears.
    Saving gold, I honestly don't know how this works but it does.
    1 Make 500k or more gold then take half of it and put it on an alt character.
    2 Forget the gold is there. Does not mean delete your character.
    3 Start making gold again and before you know it you have made enough to be back to where you were at and one day you randomly find that gold you left on your other character.

    For me I had 65mil gold so I made a new character and put 15mil on it then I left the game because I had to do something in real life, but once I got back on the game I went to my main character forgetting I put 15mil on that other character I made it back to 65mil then one day I go on my other character to find out I had 15mil there and I was like "Where the heck did this come from?!"

    Joining guilds in arcane legends

    Guilds in AL can help you a lot in thousands of ways depending on what guild you join.
    They can help you sell stuff, do maps, earn rewards from guild events, and much more.
    What you should have in a guild.
    1 Respect for people self explained.
    2 Activity- Keeps you online with others plus people to chat with.
    3 Selfless service people who are willing to help- they make others want to stay in the guild and make them feel like they are something.
    4 Chat heads- they grow to the guild more than the people who never chat and only beg for help, (The people who never chat never grow and always beg for help are the ones to always leave and not care)
    5 High levels (61+) This shows they are willing to work and to be good in the game. You need a good team to complete things.
    (There are many more traits but these are the main ones I can think of.)

    What you DON'T do in a guild,
    1 Cause drama: this will make less people want to join your guild because they don't want to deal with idiots who fight.
    2 Begging: this makes people thing your guild is full of beggars so they won't join because they don't want that message "please gold" across their screen.
    3 Blind inviting your members, this is one of the most annoying things you can do, party someone and beg them to help you with out asking first.
    4 Ask for/talk about ranks, To me ranks are nothing in guilds, and asking for them would get you kicked because it breaks trust instantly and its suspicious.
    5 Spamming the chat, this would get you kicked for being annoying.
    6 Don't rip your mates off, this would make people hate you.
    7 Don't jump guilds, this is a mistake many make, they join the guild I am in then leave> later they beg us to join back and our rule is (leave= bye no join back)
    8 NO cursing, there are kids in the game who should not learn curse words at an early age.

    Your friends/friend list in AL
    Your friends reflect on you!
    Your friends in arcane legends are the people you pick to hang out with, I have very few friends in AL and the friends I have are 1 Smart 2 Mostly adults 3 Trustworthy 4 They don't talk about stupid crap 5 Hard workers and 6 Helpful.

    Good friends on online games are the hardest things to have, so pick wisely.
    Don't friend everyone you see, just because someone is "rich" does NOT mean they are good friends.

    Don't trust people with your stuff even if it does cost your friend ship because think about this, someone is willing to UNFRIEND you because you won't let them hold your item... Umm if they are willing to unfriend you over that then that means they will run off with your stuff so you have no choice but to unfriend them.
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    a well thought-out thread, ty!

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    Good thread🙂

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    ty for op guide
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