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Thread: Guide to Halloween Quests 2018

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    Default Guide to Halloween Quests 2018

    Halloween Quests

    1. Zumbo the Zombie
    Find Zumbo in Forest Haven towne

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    2. Halloween Hal
    Zumbo will give you a quest to find Halloween Hal

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    Halloween Hal is also in Forest Haven towne

    3. Halloween Rings
    Wear the Toxic Zombie Costume vanity armor. Halloween Hal will give you an option to pick what Halloween Ring you desire:

    Ring of the Wrath - level 100
    15% Re-Roll, 25% Speed, Ghostly trail (purple),
    25 Str, 25 Dex, 25 Int, 25 Armor

    Circle of Samhain - level 50
    50% Run Speed, 25 Damage, 15 Armor

    The Screaming Mimi - level 10
    25% Run Speed, 5 Damage, 3 Armor

    4. Trick or Treat
    Halloween Hal will offer a trick or treat quest.
    You go around to different townes and talk to random npc - 45 of them in total. You get to pick your greeting as "trick" or "treat"

    You are rewarded The Reveant Crown

    5. MacDuffy
    Halloween Hal will give you another quest
    Find MacDuffy

    Farmer MacDuffy is in Fathom Crypt - Cemetery Road.

    • Choose the quests tab
    • Then choose the quest you desire,
    • And press the "GO TO..." yellow button on the bottom right hand corner.
    This will take you directly to the map that you can complete the quest on.

    6. Wounded Farmer
    Farmer MacDuffy will give you a quest

    Find the Wounded Farmer in
    Legendary Events - The pumpkin patch. He is at the very end of this map in the centre.

    Farmer MacDuffy will award you White Witch Hat

    7. Smack O'Lantern
    Last quest from Farmer MacDuffy is smashing pumpkins - kill the Smack O'Lantern boss 10 times

    Smack O-Lantern is the boss in the Legendary Events - Halloween Manor map. This quest is for levels 18+

    You will be awarded the Ignis Demonicus

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    Wow, so informative guide! Thanks!

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    So well thought out. Thanks!

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    Sunny's always on that grind helping others

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    Didn't know about the Ignis Demonicus quest.. Communion is only level 12 haha, I had already gone and bought one from the store for about 100k, seeing how the other prices were above 2m, 700k, etc.

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