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Thread: New Pve rogue need help

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    Default New Pve rogue need help

    Iím 40 atm
    I play 2 days ago donít really have too much time..
    My pet is singe
    So I need advice for my equipment and weapons
    I saw some ppl said arcane digger 46 one for farm? How long I can use for
    How can I quickly level up?
    Need full advice thx!

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    You can get to 60 in probably like a few days. Dailys give you about 35k gold. After this farm tombs during even to get energy and candy. Craft run and sell boogies. Don't bother with arcanes till you have a decent gold flow. First thing I'd invest in if I were you would be a desire set. Cheepish and you get at least 50+ gl and get lucky to slot happyneee bonus for 20 gl. Farm swamps after even to get to at least lvl 65 and start running esg. (Elite southern gates). It's deffently a grind but payout is worth it. run a str build with Razer shield till you start getting better equipped and money. Legendaries will be fine untill you can star afording taint or mire set depending on your gold and lvl. Running esg for 2-3 hours will bring you around 100k at your current gl but I have like 400 and can get around 100k every 30-40 min. But I had to grind hours to get there. A good pet combo for you would be Grimm, lucky, magma. All together about 300k and it's very good. I still use it. Hope this helps
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