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Thread: Best Pet for Mage 71 PvP

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    Default Best Pet for Mage 71 PvP

    Hey Guys what is the best Pet for Mage 71 PvP? I think Heroic Mishi for dmg but it gives low health so what is the best Pet for Mage 71 PvP? And which aa? In Heroic Breeze? Which is best passive pet?
    Thanks all!

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    most of the mages i fought in pvp use the same pets as i do, the breeze base + hfen or hcotton + glow/nekro aa. i prefer you go to this combo as it is the most effective nowadays, the passive of hero breeze or breeze is almost the same as nekro in terms of range but breeze benefits most due to the freeze it can make, as for happiness hfen rules in terms of the armor and the damage which almost all classes needs, as for the aa i prefer you go for the nekro since the rogs can combo mages easily. just my opinion and POV, ask some pro mages since i am a warrior, best wishes!

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