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Thread: Fallen Prince automated message being spammed

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    Default Fallen Prince automated message being spammed

    This thread is on behalf of others who have expressed their concerns on the unofficial discord server owned by Walie.

    What others have discovered is when they equip any 3 cap vanity items, these include:
    • Crown of Persistence
    • Nuri
    • Mount Fang Armor
    • Shield of Hallows
    • Monach helm of Humania
    • Monach Mantle
    • Eye of eternity

    Without the 2 (Ring of Valiance) or 3 ( Ring of Valiant Glory) cap rings in their inventory they receive this message from the system.

    "Visit Fallen Prince in Blacksmoke Mountain towne A.S.A.P.!!"

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    When they go to Blacksmoke Mountain towne and talk to the Fallen prince npc, he gives them the automated message and does not award them any elite ring because they have exhausted the 2(two) ring limit for that particular character/alt.

    Even after having the two elite rings in their inventory, when they wear any three cap vanity's , they receive the automated message to visit the Fallen Prince.

    After several attempts I have not been able to achieve this bug, but others are certain that this spam message bug exists and do not understand how to make it cease.
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    Oh, I've been experiencing this for months now, results ended up with me being more active on my lower level characters, as I found the pop up message very annoying.

    It appeared whenever you switched to the character with one of the vanities mentioned above, whenever you joined a town and after pressing logout, where you would end up on the login page.

    If you need a bit of clarification, I'll post an image of what I mean by where it pops up on the login page.

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    There are 2 quests given by npc 3piece and 4 piece.

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