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Thread: looking for honest answers

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    Default looking for honest answers

    i been a long time player of al like most here,i am reaching out to the players who love pvp,which actually is the most active bracket?
    i am not looking for merchers to come and just say some random level to sell op priced gear they can't sell elsewhere,just looking for honest answers.
    if the pvp community wants pvp to revive,why leave it's revival in the devs hands,
    we could start a thread promoting a truly active pvp lvl and invite all those who love pvp to come,if there are those who actually want to revive pvp to play and not just sell junk,we all should keep a active forum page to co ordinate guild battles,clashs,tdm,why not get active as a community to save and revive pvp for ourselves, it's clear as day the devs have zero intrest in doing anything to revive pvp,hardcore mode could have made for some good pvp,but the devs made sure it wouldn't be a option with losing all upon death and 1600 plat revive,so why do we as players keep emploring devs to do anything,pvp is not thier focus, it's ours,so why not as a community work to revive it together

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    pvp brackets are slowly getting there now. as far as i know this are the pvp brackets that are active now.
    level 61-63
    level 50
    level 24

    others like 41's and 66's are active before (?) idk now if they're still playing in that certain bracket.

    and yes we decide on what pvp bracket we should play. since pvp at endgame is so so so much expensive. have a good time picking a bracket!

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    Pvp is dead, None of these are "Truly active" as they were in the old days. All there is now are people hoarding all the pvp gears so they are rare or expensive. I've just accepted it and moved on.
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    Not truly active yes, but Lv 24 is getting more players/Day. Im from 24 and we have 15 active players in my guild. Idk about the enemie guild but they have as i know 10+.

    Have a nice day.


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