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Thread: PvP Bugs

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    Default PvP Bugs

    I'm pretty sure a lot of people have cried about this issue but it seriously needs to be done. Who knows... reiterating it will HOPEFULLY do something.
    Forbidden Streets

    There are three bugs in PvP arenas that really need a second look upon otherwise, people will continue to cheat their way to top, get fake positive kdr, deaths, and flags.

    1. CTF Asylum: there is an open space that people can hide and get kills. To be able to get to this space, someone from the opposite team (most likely a friend) has to fatal burst you near a base where the gate opens and closes. You stand near the wall side of the gate, a friend fatal bursts you, then they close the gate afterwards, allowing you to be pushed out of the arena. From then you can walk around until you find the area. Once you reach that specific area, you can stand there and literally killing anyone who is on pending to join a color (team). Now put an alt or two, a "trustworthy" friend(s) on pending to join a team and imagine how many kills you can get. UNLIMITED! This method isn't used as much since we have the new lovely CTF arena but it's still there.

    2. CTF Forbidden Streets: This map is a joke. The layout of it may be okay and the 5 flags to win is a good aspect of it but besides these two points, it's a map to get ENDLESS kills. This map allows players to respawn in ONE area after they die. This means, that mains and friends can stay near that respawn area and get kills until they get bored of farming for kills. Peopl have literally gotten over 1k kills in span of 30 mins or less from this map.

    3. PvP relogging in general: This makes me laugh every time I think about it. Thank you for the 10 mins ban, I find it really fair. But ever since you did that, players can still relog and come back to the game. A friend or an alt most likely can hold a spot in any of the other PvP arenas, if you join such friend/alt you are not getting that ban you should deserve, you are just getting around the game by cheating.

    Have I cried too much for people? Throw me a tissue I'll be sure to wipe my "tears" and put you on ignore :* But let's be real, these issues need to be fixed. Otherwise, I hope we can all come together and farm the people on leaderboard *fingers crossed* would be a dream come true. After the limited events end, players like myself and majority of my friends rely on PvP to not be bored on the game, problems like these at PvP may be ignored but at end of the day, if the problem isn't solved, everyone might as well get hated and cheat to their way on leaderboard. But where is the fun at cheating? I would rather kills players who are weak than cheat my way to a positive kdr or to get on LB.

    If this is too long to read or too much, consider it your assigned reading for the day if you in school :*

    If you can't beat em, join em.

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