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Thread: Lunar New Year Event is What Energy-Based Events Need

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    Default Lunar New Year Event is What Energy-Based Events Need

    I know that it's been a day since the Lunar New Year Event came out, but it quickly became my favorite event and is the most fun event (great job STS you guys really made a fun simple short,but sweet event). What makes it so good is how fun it is because of its simplicity, its accesibility, integration alongside enemies in Arlor, and gives a sense of reward. I also enjoy how it encourages you to farm at higher levels to have a chance at better loot.

    Over time, I began to feel burnt out with energy-based events because of the energy mechanic. It was tedious to farm for energy and I ended up feeling pressured to farm for energy in order to enjoy the event, which is frustrating. I didn't feel rewarded at all everytime I was farming for energy. Some events did have their own special enemy that has a chance to spawn on killing any enemy, but they were only good for giving only a few tokens and completing a daily quest. They lacked any special rewards, were extremely weak, and didn't contribute much towards events.

    Parts of the Lunar New Year Event can be implemented into other events to make farming for the energy needed to run these events not so tedious. Here's some suggestions, somewhat based on the Lunar New Year Event and focusing on event enemies like Frost Fiend, to make energy-based events better:
    1.Make event enemies that appear in Arlor, such as Frost Fiend, much more tough to make them more like a mini miniboss (not a typo)
    2. Event enemies have a chance to drop event loot at higher levels (like event locks or heroic pets)
    3. Event enemies can also just have a small chance to spawn and give an energy point on killing
    4. Pretty much make them like Kil-Joy (maybe they can even have their own event tokens and vendors as well)
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    2012 or 2014 winter event was like this, portals drop from mob kills which leads to event zone.

    I am not sure why STS stopped doing this, I think mainly because they wanted to earn more money by selling energy kits to leaderboarders

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