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Thread: Enchants In PVP (The Compromise)

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    I havent seen a full game of PVP in over 4 months... and I can only imagine one reason. Enchantments. This thread is not about removing enchantments from pvp, its about a compromise...

    I have a strong suspicion pvp isnt lacking just because of lack of players lately. I think it has a lot to do with enchantments in PVP, and I know youve heard people asking to remove them completely Cinco, but I personally dont think that is the answer.

    Enchantments are a new part of PVP, and that is not changing, but just like skills, gear, classes, and attributes i believe they need to be balanced. Let me go more into depth.

    I have a general idea for this system, to balance enchantments in PVP. We should match the enchantments with the level of PVP. For example, enchantments in L30-40 Pvp can offer you up to 60 Dmg, 60 Armor, ETC. right now. It also costs a lot of gold to get these too, gold most cant afford, or simply dont want to take the risk on. So maybe depending on levels, the enchantments could match. For example, level 30, Max Dmg on gear should be around 10-15. For 71, Enchants could be 20-25 Dmg Max, and I believe there should be a cap for this. 30-40 Dmg in endgame. To make this happen, it would have to be around 5-10 Dmg max on each piece of equipment (for endgame) and around 2-3 Dmg max per piece (For twink). If this change was implemented on Dmg and Armor Stats, I feel like prices would not drop too much, and would make for a more balanced PVP all around.

    The bottom line is, something needs to be done.

    Sorry if this seems scattered. Its late.. and i acknowledge that you are more or less a one man team these days Cinco (Correct me if im wrong), and i appreciate you sticking with us through it all, even if we get mad or upset at times.
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    Its an interesting idea to scale the enchantment maximum stats dependent on the level of the Gear.

    This can make enchantments less of an impact on PvP, but it still requires players to gamble with PL gold (80% max on gear except amulets and rings) and platinum on achieving the best stats.

    Either way I love the addition of enchantments for PvE.

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    I believe a lot of people have went to Twink pvp lately. I personally am not more on l27, 35, and 40. L27 is by far super active , may wanna check it out!

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