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    Hi i just wanna report this unusual issue regarding in not added gold in my inventory, i just sold my meaded march chest for 250k in auction and it sold, but the gold didnt add to my existing gold, i have total 500k+ gold, but the gold that came from the meaded chest ddnt add, can u look for this issue. Thank you and sorry for the bad grammar and bad english xD

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    I see 2 of these that you sold.

    (UTC timestamps)
    One listed at 03:58 on 3/15 for 500k, you picked up the gold at 05:48 on 3/15.
    One listed at 08:54 on 3/15 for 28k, you picked up the gold at 08:59 on 3/15.

    Maybe you missed a digit when you priced the second one?

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