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Thread: Guild War Mode by Unjoy

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    Lightbulb Guild War Mode by Unjoy

    I would like to suggest a new Guild vs Guild ranked mode, could call it the War mode or something. It can be played in the capture the flag asylum map, except without flags or the death match psycho ward map. The goal is to be the first guild to get 100 total kills. That should count as a win and then be added to the stats of the new mode's records.

    In this mode only wins count to rank up. For titles you go from a one star guild pvper to two stars and then continue like that to higher ranks. The matches will only start when 5 players of a guild join this mode. Only guild mates can be team mates in this mode. So if someone DC's then a team could invite a guild member to take the spot.

    My reason for suggesting this type of ranked mode is because serious PvP players are all in guilds and they're all at war with each other. This leads casual PvP players into guild drama and then they get ganged by the guilds until they either join them or eventually quit PvP. A mode like this will help them stay out of it.

    Also in this mode you could make it so that only players of the same team see the chat, which would also help to make the game less toxic and more enjoyable for everyone.

    Since this would be a mode for hardcore pvpers it would be best if weapon combo, procs and dodge does not work in this mode to make it more competitive. Only well forged gear and personal skill would matter by removing those luck based game mechanics in this mode.

    You could add a win/loss ratio instead of kill/death ratio for this mode. This way everyone will work harder to win the match and be a better team mate instead of worrying about stats.

    These suggestions were made by Unjoy who has the highest amount of PvP kills in the game so he knows what he's talking about.

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    Hopefully they make a guild war mode , no more cheating for some guilds! Lol

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