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Thread: "Looking for More/Looking for Group" options

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    Lightbulb "Looking for More/Looking for Group" options

    An option that players can use to find other players interested in doing same maps/activity. Its called LFM/LFG in other mmo so I just use that term.

    For example: Player A is level 60 and wants to run Graveyard, but he is in a dead guild and all his friends are offline; So Players A can list an ad saying:
    <LFM> Graveyard, Level 57-61.
    Player B applies/signs up to the listing, Player A gets a notification saying: "Players B, Warrior, Level 59 has applied"
    Player A accepts/invites Player B and they form a party. Player A becomes the party leader as he listed the ad.

    You can either host your own lobby (LFM) or you can join an existing lobby hosted by another player (LFG). All the listings will be viewable globally by all players through a UI. The listing gets removed once the party is full or if the party leader removes it manually.

    1) Its hard for new and low level players to get any help, I see a lot of players yelling in towns asking for help with a map or a boss fight. This feature will definitely make their life easy.
    2) I personally want the 8/12player raids back and this feature will make it easy for us to make good parties.
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    Its a good idea - I imagine this being done via a "LFG" chat channel which is filtered by level or level bands (61-66 etc) available to all levels below cap. I've seen other games with channels like this and the channel is restricted & can't be used for spam. Eg the chat box only accepts inputs in the form /LFG Placename.

    Makes a better experience for new players as it would make it more viable for new players to pace themselves and work their way up through the game rather than rushing to end game and then being unable to participate due to lack of gold/stats/experience.
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    This would be nice

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