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    Why did this not happen long ago. I've spent at least 15m and amulets and halloween blings, and now that you add this, they are worthless now.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cinco View Post
    Based on previous feedback (I think it was a discussion where both you and Snacking contributed) Ive put together a design for Honor Gear that uses Elite endgame statistics but removes the ability to enchant. I believe the nutshell conclusion on existing Honor is that it feels too much like twink PvP and is thus uninteresting to endgame players who want the feel of high end gear. :-)

    Hopefully these items will be available before the 110 cap - circa Birthday... but no promises yet. Still need to finalize the rewards for our 9th bday event.
    Could we get farming able arena honor/ elite arena armor drops. Maybe same stats but looks really cool. And can like one of the boss in pvp drop it so we could troll people trying to farm it by killing them. And can it be the last person that land the hit who has the chance of getting the drop not the whole team.

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