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Thread: Cof-guildevent/ evasive 6 + Amra-Zu

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    Default Cof-guildevent/ evasive 6 + Amra-Zu

    How to play:
    Find one of the evasive 6 + Amra-Zu inv a guildie and take a ss with the evasive/elusive and the password displayed in chat box. Post the ss on sts forum in cof guild thread, cof line group or to ss which will be send to officer personal doesn't count!

    Strect: Brackenridge maps 1 point
    Rakash: Glint maps 1 point
    Khelic: Shuyal maps1 point
    Zizzau: Tindrin maps 1 point
    Ikku: Underhul maps 3 points
    Amra-Zu: Arcane castle, Tower of Mardrom 3 Points
    Aeren: Timeskeeper map 5 points

    1st 1m gold
    2nd 750k gold
    3rd 500k gold
    1 secret prize for 4th spot and below. Drawn randomly.

    The event starts as soon the thread is up and ends on Wednesday 04/17, 23:59 h Arlor time.

    Good luck!

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    Wooo excited

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