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Thread: Best pve weap for war in esg farm

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    Default Best pve weap for war in esg farm

    Im lvl67 warrior

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    it mainly depends on how much gold will you invest for the weapon and on what armor and helm you are using.
    for the cheap one;
    if you are ready to spend around 2.5-3mil and using endless 66 i suggest use drag sword, you can buy 100gl worth 2.3m or so
    for the little expensive one;
    if you are ready to spend 7-8mil and is using endless 66 i suggest use glintstone aegis.

    take note: they're really outdated so investing on such weapon wouldn't be nice specially if you have a little much money for the weapon.
    so i suggest maybe get a legendary weapon with 100gl they're worth around 600k-800k nowadays and save for better weapons with higher rarity and level.

    good luck farming!

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    Your best weapon will be lvl up to lvl 71. You usually will not run solo there, so any weapon is good there for mobs, reflection or rage ultimates will dealt with bosses.

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