With the level cap arriving yesterday we gained access to a new set of relics which can be crafted and so everyone who farms has a fair chance of owning them..although I expected elders the relics are still good but my question is when will we be getting level 51 gems and will they be elders or still relics ..I'm asking this question because most players who don't own elder moon stone of grind (myself inclusive ) have to resort to using black moon bracelet of Hess and black moon amulet so that we can match up to some extent with our counterparts who have all elder items and with the level cap arriving coupled with a large number of us getting capped a few hours after the expansion dropped it makes things more complicated for those of us who have to combine a level 41 relic and level 46 relic with 2 elder gems and of course the elder weapon..I hope you see this cinco and let us know whether or not we will receive level 51 gems and if.they will be elder or not along with new elder weapons sometime in the future ..I almost forgot tho lol..I wanna also use this window to say a big thank you for the new expansion and new stuff ..we love you cinco ..keep up the good work sir

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