So i was at pvp and there is rogs with tainted sets. Now i dont have tainted set but i have very 74% crit and almost 3K dmg which is kinda high.
And when i forgot a rogue with dex build and tainted set than its impossible to kill them! AL u have over powerd the set and the game is unbalancing the plat players to gold farmers players.
What i ment with that is the game became UNFAIR to the community that DONT use plat.
I started noticing it when u discounted the gl for the booty cave event and people without gl barely getting above 2K for 1 chest while ive seen people getting 30K+ from 1 chest, which is absolutely not fair since they are only plat users/buyers that get that.

Anyways the point is that u need to think about people that cant afford buying platinum or idk and thats the only way to bring AL players back, and to bring new players because not only that the event isnt doin that well but also the game.

The downgrade.. Now i aint surprised why i did so many rests from the game because I feel like im stack, Gold Farmers community is working hard for barely 30K a day. And now u made a gold event for "EVERYONE" when only plat buyers enjoy?

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