There is an issue with elixirs stacking where if you use one elixir pack (say 30 min. Auto Item Loot) and try to use another elixir of the same type (Auto Item Loot), the elixir that you originally used will remain on your toon but the other duplicate elixir will disappear from your inventory and not be used.

Usually, with platinum elixirs and elixirs bought with gold, a message will popup if you try to use two elixirs of the same kind. The popup states that the purchase is canceled because the toon is already running an elixir of the same type and it cannot stack.

Several players in game have informed me of this issue and I was wondering if the use of multiple elixir packs of the same type could be canceled just like platinum/gold bought elixirs if you're already running the same type of elixir, so this way elixirs don't accidentally disappear and aren't wasted without use of them.