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Thread: Auction and Gold

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    Default Auction and Gold

    Cinco can you do something about Auction by implementing some of the things that have been suggested. Almost everything is overpriced and only the greedy have the gold. Something needs to be done about this or the game will die.

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    And if there was an integrated table in the game menu with approximate values for items, never an exact price, but example 500,000 to 950,000 just to guide lay people do not continue to feeding the scammer industry impregnated within this game.
    In this same menu table, if possible activate a meter of item launch, increasing its price if your meter points rarity for example more than a year or that do not drop on maps anymore. This only for periodic event items, do not consider increase of rarity for the common items or that drop on maps.
    I wanted to be able to detail more, I hope understood me, it would be a legal guide maybe, totally anti-scammer

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    yes it will be a reset to the market also like 41 expansion

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    The game can be live if sts would do some ads like other online games on youtube or on sites etc then i think there will come much more players just need to show in video how dl is good because really good u can trade, farm, talk, pvp, pve fight with friends etc etc just need some new idea for new players that they do not quit after saw prices and selfish players xd now here no new players only old players create low lvl troll accounts for begging trolling and harassing so bad when dl got few new players they started farm and merch and asked help from us how and where to farm and asked prices i helped already few players about this and i gave some stuffs and gold away but nowadays only trolls ask for gold and stuffs so i stopped giving anything we really need real new players here few years ago was much more players online now all guilds are dead one good video ads in yt or something and 1-2 new players welcome ideas can help a lot atleast i think

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