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Thread: Detailed Description of Procs

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    Cool Detailed Description of Procs

    Hello dear devs,

    As the title says, we have talked about this in-game with many players and also mentioned it here in forums too. Can y'all add detailed description of the procs of items in their description?

    For example, let's take Terror Blade. Its current description just gives an idea what it does, but we never know how it works exactly.

    It would be nice to show stuff like this:

    * What's the chance to proc on regular auto-attack, show in exact %.
    * What's the chance when we charge it, also show in exact digits.
    * The area that the pool covers, in in-game meters.
    * How the pool's damage is calculated, and how many times it hits the enemies.
    * And whatever there is to add.

    You can make those descriptions visible at least when we own the items. It would be extremely helpful for everyone.

    In addition to all the goodness for the players, having all these details would make us find out bugs related to the weapons and get them fixed much faster, since we would probably know what's not working, or what needs to be adjusted in case they're too unbalanced.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Yes please please do this. I agree with all of Fid's post. It would be very helpful for us and the dev team. I do like the cool names of the procs but we have no idea what it means without a detailed description.

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