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    Default 2019-06-20 Content Update (266201)

    + Wheeland-Wootani has messed it up again and now the Blackstar is threatened by a deadly alien infestation!
    + Talk to the WW Corporate Exec aboard Blackstar and then hop through the "Infested Decks" portal to get started.
    + This is a week-long individual player leaderboard event that begins Thursday the 20th at 1:30pm Central.
    + Score points by destroying eggs, vular and the Vular Hive Queen!
    + Earn 50000 credits each time you finish the Wheeland-Wootani daily egg-bash quest!
    + Collect event 10000 points for Bronze Tier, 25000 points for Silver and 50000 points for Gold Tier.
    + Bronze, Silver and Gold Tier winners get a Pulse Rifle (for your character level) and up to 250000 credits!
    + All Tier winners can also purchase one of Wheeland-Wootani's new Level 61 Super-Elite Napalm Carbines!
    + Trade-friendly Naps for Platinum; character-bound Naps can be purchased for credits (price depends on Tier).

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    Game needs a quick hotfix. The vular give no points at all. Even tho the lady says there spose to give extra points they just give litterally 0 and seeing as the eggs only give us 1 point per egg its kind of a nasty grind. 213 points for all 3 maps one circuit. Thats a lotta runs for 50k!

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