So in any RPG there are multiple ways of progressing your character, for Arcane Legends I see; character levels and thereby stat points and skill advancement, gear level, including filling all gear slots and upgrading these to fit your class, as well as in power, your pet for the passive, and minor active ability, vanity items and housing if you are into those types of content, money and crafting recipes, and overall game progression, doing all quests, bosses and so on.
Did I miss any?

My question is this;
If you get stuck during the campaign progression on a hard boss, and all you are left with is repeatable quests, what do you guys do?
Do you grind away at elite maps, till your legs are asleep, for a few more levels, or money for a gear upgrade, or?

For me, an endless grind can be somewhat a burnout, so I am looking for inspiration on how to hang in there, of go back and forth between types of content.

Much love,