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Thread: Best gear

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    Default Best gear

    Which one is better between tainted set, ebon staff, and horror staff(with reason)?
    Thx for the answer.

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    For the end game, in my opinion, you should have:
    - Ebon staff -> its proc is amazing. You don't have to use pots all the time and does DoT.
    - Endless set -> for the extra bonus stats all over arlor
    - Arcane belt lvl 71 -> for extra DEX per kill (chance)
    - pern set (or any other speed set) -> saniiiiiiiic
    - Arcane artifact level 71 -> for the extra dmg per kill (chance)


    - (Mythic) Chester
    Happiness Bonus slot: (H) Fenris or (H) Nighshade <--- I prefer NS. Cheaper, but reliable
    Arcane Ability slot: Magma

    Jewels: Super mind or higher

    Fireball: 3/4 (leave slot 4)
    Timeclock: 3/4 (leave explosion)
    Gale: 4/4
    Arcane shield: 3/4 (no knockback)

    10/10 gale
    5/10 clock

    The shower meteor thing-y

    Durable>int>dmg>dex>str>crit or Durable>int>dmg>dex and put the rest of fireball mastery for less cooldown
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