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Thread: Updates for drops in black cat lounge needed asap

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    Default Updates for drops in black cat lounge needed asap

    Before i say anything further I want all of us to flashback to the turn of level 46 before the black cat lounge became a place for easy gold making when gold loot forges became a thing in dl..what drew players to farm in that room ? It was the relics that were introduced for level 46 which were the "metal invader from below " and the "nightmare of the abyss" weapons .those 2 relic drops made a lot of players actually profit from farming since they were worth a decent amount of gold back then when the gold cap was still 99m but with the advent of elder weapons their stock dropped rapidly and now they are worth a very minimal amount more especially now that we are at level 51 ..the gold pay out in the lounge has been increased and we're grateful for that but we could use some new relic drops and when I speak of relic drops I'm not talking about weaps since we have almost a catalogue of them that can be obtained from the new campaigns nor am I speaking of having all gems drop but I'm trying to request for a new moon gem to be made as a drop in that room ..after all the suggestions from players on another thread was for gems to be made available to all so that even new players can easily get into pvp ..already the other 3 gems although not being so exclusive are still not easily obtainable by the new players considering that they have to buy from others so if the relic moon gem for level 51 could be made to drop in black cat lounge it would not only give players a reason to farm there again but it would also make life easier for the new ones ..vanities could also be added in there too cause there's threads full of suggestions for new vanity so you could choose whatever suggestions you deem worthy and implement them ..thank you again for the updates and we hope to see more soon
    All are free to drop suggestions here too on this topic

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    Agreed!!also drops should depends on your character level so u can get useful gear

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