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Thread: Take Care Pocket Legends

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    Default Take Care Pocket Legends

    Hey everyone, It has been fun and a exciting 6 years for me , and Iíve come to the conclusion that I have to take s break from pocket legends although yes the cap has come out and I was extremely excited for. I have realized that Iím 21 and there are more things important than Fast capping , but I want to thank everyone for the support in game and all the friends I made during my years, seeing some go and some return but itís my time to focus on my life and get where I need to be. Thank you cinco for everything and pocket legends had been a big impact on my video game life.
    Babychicks I Love you son
    Oldiepvp take care of my bold glory
    Snapchats appreciate the sweet deals
    Brendandopes thanks for helping me reach my first 100m
    And thanks to everyone I really donít know if anyone reads this part of the forums but I wish you all good luck and grinding
    Not saying Iím gone for good but who know
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