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    Default <Lifeless Guild Thread

    Welcome to <Lifeless>
    Founded 7/24/19

    Guild Master: Apexed

    Guild Officers:

    Requirements: We ask that members loosely carry 35k pve kills and 20k aps, level 66+, exceptions can be made. Some exceptions include having a high pvp kill total if you're lacking in pve or even aps!

    ∆ PvE ∆

    We hold many giveaways including our weekly 25m giveaway for the most recruited players (screenshots provided). We are striving to be the best we can and we push each other every day. We've been a guild since 7/24. We have a wonderful team of officers that work for the benefit and respect of our members, and our end goal is to enjoy this amazing world brought to us by sts, each officer striving to specialize in something to be of great benefit to the members. Your help and cooperation in our mission will help pave the way for the future of AL, under a leader who is successful irl and in a leadership role who also led a PL guild to #1 for a while. Every person who enters this guild will be given a fresh start in our eyes, any past carried be wiped clean, and all reputation diminished in our eyes. Everything you are and are to become will be based upon your time within the guild. The past can not be rewritten, nor can the future be prevented, but the present is where your respect will be earned, and we expect every member to give their all and contribute their best. Everyone is welcome here, pvp-ers, pve-ers, campers, and hardcore farmers, and everyone in between. Also looking to build an excellent bg team! We are a close-knit family that is constantly looking to grow. Will you be the next person to join us as our journey to leave a vast footprint behind continues, and become, truly, an arcane legend?

    [Discord Server is currently private to just guildies and under development, world chat coming soon!]

    Screenshots from the 7/26 guild party!

    Enjoy your stay, and welcome to the family!
    |Lifeless to live more|

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