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Thread: Locked Marshland Crate Over-saturation fix suggestion

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    Default Locked Marshland Crate Over-saturation fix suggestion

    Ok, so I have about 67 locked marshland crates and the auction is so over-saturated with them that I have seen them listed there from 500g to 1500g and still no one buys them so I am sure that there are tons more people with the same issue of having way too many of these crates. So here are just a couple of suggestions that may fix this problem.
    1) STS could make them to where we can sell them from our inventory for a few hundred gold allowing us to clear the clutter.
    2) STS could make a limited time event where we can open these crates for free giving us a chance to get decent items and at the same time clear some clutter.
    3) STS could make it to where every 5-10 or even 50 crates you have could be upgraded to a Massive locked crate of the marsh (or something to that effect) and those crates grant a CHANCE at at least 1 arcane or some limited vanities or higher level set pieces "that would effectively increase the value of these mostly unused crates and at the same time get rid of this over-saturation."

    *Thanks for reading and all feedback on this issue is welcome, I kind of want to see how many other people think that these crates are useless now and there are too many of them at the moment*

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    Hey I buy Marshland crates. If ur selling pm me iantheficious

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