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Thread: I need an update on 15 meta

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    Question I need an update on 15 meta

    Hey guys!

    Havnít been around here for many years but decided to log on earlier today. I quickly found out Iíve missed a lot.

    Last time I played on my 15 bear twink, I respecced to a taunt build and was using Paw as my primarily eapon. Today I heard that isnít meta anymore due to damage is reset to mimic the ĒogĒ dps. Havnít digged deeper into that and it was way too long ago I played to remeber how the dps was.

    So my hope in this thread is to get updated on whatís happening right now. Which build is the best atm? Which weapon in the best? Which class/build is the best in the 15-17 bracket?

    And one more thing... Amulets! As Iíve understood, there was one event where level 10 amulets was obtianable. Which different types does exists and which is the best? Iím currently using Shooties Power Pendant (1 H/s, 3 Damage) but havnít seen anything to compare it to.

    Would love to get some help. You donít have to know everything. Please just answer to what to know if you think it could be helpful for me to know And if you havnít understood it yet - Iím only interested in level 15 twinking. So any helpful imformation regarding that is welcome!

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